3.3.7. ubiformat - format an ubi volume Usage

ubiformat [-sOnfexQqv] MTDEVICE Synopsis

A tool to format MTD devices and flash UBI images Options

-s BYTESminimum input/output unit used for UBI headers e.g. sub-page size in case of NAND flash
-O OFFSoffset if the VID header from start of the physical eraseblock (default is the next minimum I/O unit or sub-page after the EC header)
-nonly erase all eraseblock and preserve erase counters, do not write empty volume table
-f FILEflash image file
-e VALUEuse VALUE as erase counter value for all eraseblocks
-x NUMUBI version number to put to EC headers (default 1)
-Q NUM32-bit UBI image sequence number to use
-yAssume yes for all questions
-qsuppress progress percentage information
-vbe verbose Description

Example 1: ubiformat /dev/nand0 -y - format nand0 and assume yes Example 2: ubiformat /dev/nand0 -q -e 0 - format nand0, be quiet and force erase counter value 0.

Last modification:June 6, 2022
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